Helping Truckers without Bookkeeping Experience professionally manage the Bookkeeping-side of Trucking.






    Customized Driver Meeting Seminar

Bookkeeping Management Seminar that will show truckers how to cut their bookkeeping service cost and save money, managing the bookkeeping-side of trucking without the need for any prior bookkeeping experience.

This seminar will show how to generate meaningful financial reports working from home or on the road each month without having to call their accountant. 

We will show attendees how to work with their accountant.

How to provide the bookkeeping information as tax ready data and reports, instead of paper, for the tax filings.


Truckers Software User Training

For Truckers living in THE GTA, who purchase the software, we will come to your home and provide hands-on training for up to one hour to help you master the Do Your Own Bookkeeping process, using TruckersBooks software

This training will use your Broker Statement and operating incomes and expense receipts to demo how to enter data.

you will learn how to generate financial reports to know your numbers without having to call your accountant.  Read More 


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