Click the Register image  


This will launch the password request and bookkeeping service activation form, to be completed and uploaded to us

 Once we have the completer form

We will set-up your bookkeeping manager account and files

Once your user account is activated, we will upload your first month information data entry ready worksheet for you to download using the password provided and enter your bookkeeping income and expense numbers in the excel spreadsheet.

When done, click the upload link at the top of the workbook, enter the password and click send to send us the excel workbook  with the bookkeeping information for bookkeeping processing and reporting.

The Monthly Bookkeeping Process

At the end of each of your bookkeeping process month, we will upload a new bookkeeping ready spreadsheet workbook for you to enter your business information for bookkeeping processing.

No columns to total

No Bookkeeping Experience Needed

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